Topic : What is Legendary "GodMode" & How to enable it in window OS?

What is GodMode?

God Mode Let us quickly access administrative tools, backup, restore options & other important management settings from a single window. In simple, God Mode give access to all operating system's control panel from within a single folder.

God mode doesn't unlock any extra secret features in windows but offers an easier way to browse through 200 of these tools & get to know them.


How to Use God Mode?:

In order to use God mode, first of all we need to enable God mode in our window OS. To make this work, first We need to make sure we are using account with Administrative Privileges and then follow the given steps.

NOTE: The steps for turning on God mode is same for window 10, window 8 & window 7 operating system.


Create New Folder.

Enable God Mode step-1 - Create New folder - InfoBrother

Go to your desktop, right click anywhere & create New folder by selecting New » Folder option.

It's better to create new folder to enable God mode. If we use existing folder that already been used & has some files in it, all of the existing files will instantly become hidden.


Rename the folder.

Enable God Mode step-2 - Rename the folder - InfoBrother

Right Click on the newly-created folder and Rename the folder using following code.


The "GodMode" text is just a Name and we can change it with whatever we want to name the folder, but make sure the rest of the text is exactly the same as given above. If we remove "GodMode" without adding any text in its place, we'll receive an error.


Done! God Mode enabled successfully.

Enable God Mode step-3 - Successfully enabled - InfoBrother

When you will press enter after renaming the folder, the folder icon will change to a control panel icon & Name will disappear. Double click the icon to Open newly-created God Mode & there, we will find the list of more than 200 settings.


Back to Normal folder from GodMode:

Enable God Mode step-4 - Back to normal folder - InfoBrother

In Step-2, maybe you used existing folder that has some Important files in it & now you cannot access those files because you renamed the folder & make it God Mode. Unfortunately, we can't use Windows Explorer to rename the GodMode folder back to its original name, But don't worry, still there is another way... follow the given steps to rename the file back to its original name and get your data back.

    » Open Command Prompt (CMD): Open GodMode folder location & Type cmd at address bar & press enter to Open command prompt (CMD) at the location of GodMode folder.
    » Use ren command: Type the following code in command prompt and press enter.

ren "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" oldfoldername

In Above code, use same name that you used in step-2. "oldfoldername" is the simple name that you want to assign to your folder. Once you write the above code & press enter, The GodMode folder will go back to its normal and all files will be visible once again.

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