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How to make Computer Run faster?

Is your computer slowing down, every time when you open a new program or try to use some software like Photoshop, Visual Studio, or try to copy some files, Your PC act like an old man? If your answer is Yes !! then you are at right place. We are here to learn, how to make our computer to work faster. Before you spend thousands to buy a new computer, Let's try to make our computer faster by following these simple and easy steps.




Restart Computer.

Make computer faster - step-1: Restart Computer - InfoBrother

It's no secret that restarting the system can fix ton of problems. When we restart our computer we're cleaning off the current state of our software and starting over again. Basically, we are dumping out the junk, clear the cache, and start it over again fresh. Only by restarting our System, we can fix a lot of problems and significantly improve our system speed.


Remove unused Programs from computer.

Make computer faster - step-2: Remove Unused programs from computer - InfoBrother

There are always some program installed in our computer that are neither being used by us nor even by our computer but they are just wasting system space and contribute to slowing down our PC. These unused application can also cause unexpected bugs and incompatibility issues with other devices and apps. Therefore, it's always better to have a look at our installed apps and remove useless apps from our system.

In order to remove apps from computer, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press window Key and search for Control Panel.
    2 » Open Programs » uninstall a Program.
    3 » Find out unwanted programs, single click on it, and Uninstall it.


Stop programs loading at startup.

Make computer faster - step-3: Stop Programs Loading at startup - InfoBrother

When we turn on our system, there is some application that starts running automatically in the background so they can load quickly when we open them. Sometimes, that's helpful for programs we use a lot, but for programs we rarely or never use, this wastes our computer memory and slow down the system. We must check out, which application is running in the background, if there is any unnecessary application running in the background, we must stop it, and prevent it from starting when the computer boots up. follow the given steps to learn how to Prevent unnecessary programs loading at startup.

  • 1 » Write click on window icon and open Task Manager. or press window key and search for Task Manager.
    2 » Open Start-up tab.
    3 » Select any unnecessary application and click on Disable button to prevent it from starting when we start the system.


Delete Temporary files.

Make computer faster - step-4: Delete Temporary files - InfoBrother

Whenever we turn on our system and use application, our system generates a lot of temporary files each time. These files take up a considerable amount of space and slowing down our system. Whenever we feel that our system is slowing down, we should remove these temporary files from our system. In order to remove these files from system, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press Window key + R, type %temp%, and press enter.
    2 » Press Ctrl + A to select all the files from the temp folder and press Shift + Delete to delete all the selected files permanently.
    3 » Skip the files that system was unable to delete.


Clean Computer disk.

Make computer faster - step-5: Clean Computer Disk - InfoBrother

Our system drives contain unnecessary files that take up disk space and slow down our computer. To make computer faster, we should remove these unnecessary files. There is a build-in Tool in windows to clean the disk and remove these types of files. This tool known as Disk Cleanup tool and it allows us to easily find and remove unnecessary files, programs, apps from system and free up more memory to make our system faster. To use this tool, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press window key and search for Disk Clean-up and open it.
    2 » Select the drive from where we want to remove unnecessary files using drop down menu and click ok.
    3 » Select the files that you want to remove from system and click ok to clean the disk.

Here is another way to use Disk clean up tool.

Make computer faster - step-5 Part 2 Disk Clean up: InfoBrother
  • 1 » Right click on your drive and select properties.
    2 » In General Tab, click Disk Clean-up button to open the tool.
    3 » Select the files that you want to remove from system and click ok to clean the disk.


Set the power plan to High performance.

Make computer faster - step-6: Set the Power Plan to High Performance - InfoBrother

Power plan setting control how our computer use the power, either by lowering performance to optimize battery life, Maximizing performance with major power consumption, or a balance between the two. Selecting High Performance may increase the speed and overall performance of our computer but it will drain your laptop battery power. follow the given steps to set the power plan of our system to high performance.

  • 1 » Go to Control Panel » Hardware and Sound » Power Options.
    2 » In Power option window, select Create a Power Plan from left side menu.
    3 » Select High Performance Option, assign name, Click next. In next window, there will be some more Sleep and display settings, make a setting as you like and then click Create. The power plan has been created and has been activated.


Defragment of Hard disk.

Make computer faster - step-7: Defragment of Hard Disk - InfoBrother

Fragmentation makes our hard disk to work extra that can slow down our system. Defragment of Hard disk rearranges fragmented data and organize our data and free up space so our hard disk can work more efficiently and computer can access data faster. To defragment of hard disk, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Open My-Computer, right click on any drive and open Properties
    2 » In properties window, open tools tab and click at Optimize to open it. Or you can open it directly from start menu. press window key and type Defragment and optimize drive.
    3 » Select any drive to Defragment and click at Optimize to start optimizing.


Disable visual effects.

Make computer faster - step-8: Disable Visual affects - InfoBrother

There are up to 20 Animations that came with windows and all are enabled by default. These animations are known as Visual Effects and create some animations when we open a window, minimizes windows, or do any things on our computer. Turning off these effects can maximize our system performance. To disable these effects, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press Window key + R and type sysdm.cpl and press enter.
    2 » In System Properties Windows, Open Advanced tab, and click settings in performance section.
    3 » In Performance Option windows, open Visual Effects tab and select Adjust for best performance option and apply the settings. Or we can Select Custom option and enable some of the animations from the list.


Disable background apps.

Make computer faster - step-9: Disable Background apps -  InfoBrother

In Background, our system runs a variety of programs and these programs continue to receive information and use memory even when we are not using them. Turning off these programs can help speed up our system. To Turn off These background apps, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press window button and open settings.
    2 » Scroll down in window setting and open Privacy.
    3 » In Privacy window, scroll down left menu and select Background apps
    4 » We can turn off all the apps working in background.
    5 » Or we can turn off some of apps and can allow useful apps to work in background.


Use Anti-virus program.

Make computer faster - step-10: Use Anti-virus - InfoBrother

If our system is running slow, it’s possible that our system is affected with virus. Install anti-virus program in your system. If you are using window 8 or 10, Then the build-in Anti-virus application known as "Window Defender" is best option and no need to install any other application. Just make sure the Window defender is Updated and activated.


Keep your system Update.

Make computer faster - step-11: Keep system update - InfoBrother

Updating the operating system, programs and installed apps can significantly improve the speed of our laptop and can fix the bugs. Keep updating your installed apps, software and computer run the computer faster and smoother. In order to check the available updates and update the system, follow the given steps.

  • 1 » Press window button and open Settings.
    2 » Open Update & Security.
    3 » Select Windows Update option.
    4 » Check for the updates and update the system.


Add more RAM to computer.

Make computer faster - step-12: Add More Ram - InfoBrother

If you are using some heavy application, or your computer is slow to switch between windows or tasks, or if you often have many browser tabs open at once, additional RAM may help. Take your computer to an expert to add more RAM. Or you can buy new RAM and add it yourself but be sure how to do it, and do your research before attempting to do it on your own.

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