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How to turn own handwriting into a font?

If we write a letter in our computer, we have to use one of the fonts installed in it. The result will be an impersonal look of our letter. So how about if our computer can write a letter using our own hand writing? It sounds great isn't it? So, let's learn how we can turn our own handwriting into a wonderful font and installed it and use it in our computer.




How we will turn our handwriting into font?

In order to turn our handwriting into a font, we are going to use an online tool known as "Calligraphr". Calligraphr provide a template, we just need to download their template, fill the template in our own handwriting and upload it back to calligraphr. Then calligraphr will turn it to an installable font.

Before we getting start, we'll need -
A black pen to fill the form. (use stronger weight pen like marker)
A Printer - to print the form.
A Scanner - to scan the filled form.
Adobe Photoshop - to clean the form and make it more readable.

I assume you have a complete tool kit now, so let's get started to turn our handwriting into a font.


Choose a template from & download it.

choose your template and download it: InfoBrother

Open Sign-up with your email address and get started. You need to create your template depends on your need & download the PDF file.


Fill the template.

Fill it out: InfoBrother

Print out that downloaded templated & fill out that form with the Alphabet (capital & small letters), Numbers and some symbols you want to use it using a strong weight pen like marker. Write the letters in the auxiliary lines (the faint, dashed lines), otherwise the letters will be cut off when your font is created. Make sure you follow the instruction before fill out that form.


Scan the filled-out template.

Use a Scanner, digital camera or smartphone to capture your filled-out template. When scanning, make sure the file is at 15dpi to 300dpi & the maximum size of file is 6MB with maximum dimensions 6500px X 6500Px. Save the scan file as .png, .jpg, or .pdf.


Cleaning scanned template using photoshop.

clean template using photoshop: InfoBrother

The scan template must be clean & readable so the application can read the image easily and can turn the handwriting into font. But sometimes Scan image become grainy or grey. We need to make sure our scan image is best and readable. In order to do this, we can use photoshop to clean the image and make our final product the best it can be. We can use Image » Adjustments » Channel Mixer tool or can play with Image » Adjustments » Levels.


Upload it again to

Uploading image : InfoBrother

After Photoshop, our scanned template is ready to upload and turn it to font. In order to upload, open again and follow the given steps.

On Myfont tab, click Upload Template.
Choose your saved template that we clean using photoshop in our previous step. we can choose multiple file.
Press Upload template to upload the template into the server.
Result window will display our font characters. we can edit or remove characters from there. Once you ready to move on, scroll down and press Add Characters to your font.


Turn your handwriting into a font.

Build your font: InfoBrother

Once the uploading done and we add our characters into our font, We are going to turn our hand writing into the font. Follow the given steps -

Click on "Build font" button.
Choose the name for your font.
Press "Build" to begin the process.


Download the font.

Download the font: InfoBrother

In Step # 7, font has been created and ready to download. We will see two types of file over there to download. Both files are almost same and installable.

TTF: TrueType Font or TTF can be used for both Apple & Windows. If you have limited experience with fonts installation, it will be a great choice.

OTF: Open Type Font or OTF is the latest version of TTF. It can also be used for Apple & windows both. OTF allow user more freedom to include small caps, alternative characters and so on.


Install the font in your computer.

Font Installation: InfoBrother

To Install the font in your computer, double click on downloaded file to open it. Click "Install" button located at top left corner.


Open your editor and use it.

font using: InfoBrother

Our font is already installed in our system and now ready to use. Open your editor like Notepad select your font and use it.

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I Tried my Best to Provide you complete Information regarding this topic in very easy and conceptual way. but still if you have any Problem to understand this topic, or do you have any Questions, Feel Free to Ask Question. i'll do my best to Provide you what you need.

Sardar Omar.