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What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is about reducing the file size of our images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that our page load times remain low. It is about Image SEO. That is, to use "alt" attributes to rank our images on Google and other search engines. It is also about to use the proper extension with images.


Understanding Image Optimization:

Images may seem like a straightforward component of our site, but we can optimize our website using them. Image optimization is one of the building blocks of on-page SEO optimization. Images are a strong visual component of a webpage. When it's come to Tutorials, pictures are worth a thousand words. We can use a chart or data flow diagram, or steps to do something using pictures easily rather than to spice up 1000 dull words. If we use Image optimization properly, these images can transmit our message in just a single glance and also, Images can be a good source of traffic from search engines.

The Most important image optimization factors are -


Image Relevance:

When it's come to Image optimization for SEO, image relevancy is first thing to notice. The image of "Bike" on a page related to Airplane is not a good idea and will do you no good. It is a common sense but still it's happen. This is the first most important step to do when it's come to SEO Image optimization.


Using meaningful Image file name:

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In URL optimization, the keywords are important factor just like the image filename. Creative Descriptive but short keyword-rich file names can help search engines to determine relevancy. Image file names help Google and other search engines crawlers to know what the image is about.

Avoid using default image names as it does not give any information about the image. Use target keywords in Image name and use "-" (hyphen) to separate keywords as shown in above picture.


Using Alt attribute:

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The Next most important image optimization factor is Alt Attribute. Alt stands for alternate. The "alt" attribute allows us to specify alternative name for the image. This alternative name is displayed in a place of the image if the image cannot be shown or is taking too long to load.

SEO - using alt attribute - Image optimization - InfoBrother

Most of the Search engines are text based, so they can't read images and videos. For them, the location of images or videos appears as empty space which is totally not good in term of SEO. In this time, the "Alt" Attribute comes up and tells the search engines that there is an image placed here and also tell them what the image is about.

Another reason to use alt attribute is that, if we're using an image as link, The alt attribute will be treated similarly to the anchor text of a text link.


Image formats:

Search engines prefer high resolution images and high-quality content. There are few things we can do when choosing image file formats.

Use .jpg or JPEG for larger photos or illustrations. it will give us a good result in terms of clarity with a relatively small file size. JPEG images maintains the quality when we compressed or resized the images.
Use .PNG if we want to preserve background transparency. We use PNG type format for our logos as the image appears small, yet the resolution is high quality. PNG files are larger in size which could disrupt the page's performance. Try to use JPEG file type where possible.
Use SVG for logos and other icons.


Image file size:

Image size is a very crucial factor as it directly affects the loading time of the page There are few things we can do to ensure our images doesn't slow down the page.

Compress images much as possible before uploading. There are many tools which can help us to compress the images size more than 50%. But make sure the image doesn't lose any pixels and become distorted as we compress the size of the file.
Resize the image to how we want to displayed it. The overall size of our images should not be much larger than we actually need it to be. If the image is 3200 x 1300 pixels and we set our frame to displayed image at 250 x 150 pixels size, still the entire image has to be loaded which can have a huge impact on loading times.


Do's when optimize images:

    » Use Descriptive but short name for your images.
    » Use target keywords in alt tag and Keep it short and descriptive.
    » Use common file types like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
    » Compress images much as possible but make sure it doesn't reduce the quality of image.
    » Make sure the image is relevant to the topic and it's explain something itself.


Don'ts when optimize images:

    » Avoid using generic filenames like "pic1.jpg", or "1.jpg".
    » Avoid writing extremely lengthy filenames
    » Avoid stuffing keywords into alt text or copying and pasting entire sentences.
    » Avoid writing excessively long alt text.
    » Avoid using worthless images that explain nothing.


How to Optimize image Perfectly for SEO?

Whether we're a blogger or we write articles for an online magazine, we need images. Images bring an article to life and can also contribute to our website's SEO. We need to make sure our images contribute to a good user experience as well as SEO. Image Optimization for SEO is a complex thing. Google has tons of documentations on it. But here are some basic steps that we can do easily with each image. These steps will definitely help you to optimize images for Search engines.

SEO - steps to optimize image - Image optimization - InfoBrother

Image should be relevant to the content.
Use Brief but descriptive filenames.
Compress images for fast page loading.
Use target keywords in alt tag and Keep it short and descriptive.

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