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How to share phone's Wi-Fi connection using Bluetooth?

There are plenty of reasons to share our Wi-Fi connection with other devices, Let's suppose, my neighbor wants me to share my Wi-Fi so he can send an email. What I’m going to do? should I give him my Wi-Fi password? Or should I plan something so he can access my Wi-Fi only once to just send his email? - I think the second option is more secure.

There are several ways to share our phone's data with other devices without giving the password and this act is known as "Tethering". We have many type of tethering but the most simple and secure type is the "Bluetooth tethering".

In this tutorial, we will learn how we can share our phone's network with other devices over Bluetooth. Get your phone online using a Wi-Fi connection and then you'll be ready to configure the connection for sharing with other devices. You just need to follow the given steps with no skip step.



Bluetooth tethering is significantly slower than Wi-Fi, but uses less battery. We can only tether one device at a time via Bluetooth. Probably it’s not a good idea to use Bluetooth tethering unless you're really trying to save your battery.


Turn on your phone's Bluetooth.

Step1a - open your phone setting and go to device connectivity| InfoBrother

Open your phone's setting, then choose "Device connectivity".

Step1b - select Bluetooth and turn it on | InfoBrother

On Device connectivity page, Go to "Bluetooth" and turn it on.


Pair your phone with other device.

Step2a - pair with other device| InfoBrother

You need to pair your smartphone with the device you want to share the connection. In order to pair, first make sure you turn on the Bluetooth for both devices. then Tap on "scan" on your smartphone to scan another device. Once you find the device tap on it.

Step2b - pair with other device | InfoBrother

Once you find the device you want to share the connection with, tap on it and pair with it.


Configure the other device.

Step3a - open device settings | InfoBrother

Once the device is paired, we need to enabled the internet access sharing for the device. In order to do this, tap on settings icon next to the device name.

Step3b - Configure the network | InfoBrother

And turn on the Internet access option for the paired device.


Turn on Bluetooth Tethering.

Step4a - open settings | InfoBrother

Once the device configuration is done, we can move to the final step and start Bluetooth tethering. Open phone's settings , go to "WireLess & Network" and tap on "Tethering & Portable hotspot".

Step4b - Turn on bluetooth tethering | InfoBrother

In Tethering & portable hotspot page, turn on "Bluetooth tethering" and it’s all done. We have successfully shared our Wi-Fi network with another device over Bluetooth. When We enable the Bluetooth tethering option, the second device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi.

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