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Introduction to command prompt: InfoBrother

What is Command Prompt or CMD?

Command Prompt is a command Line Interpreter application available in most Windows Operating systems. We use Command Prompt to execute entered commands. Most of the commands are used to automate tasks via scripts and batch files to perform advanced administrative functions and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of Windows issues.

The command line prompt is one of the most powerful tools within the Windows operating system. It allows users to do almost anything we can do with a GUI, but simply in words. We can work with directories, files, folder, and the Internet. Using command prompt, we can make the computer to do anything by just typing the commands.

NOTE: Command Prompt is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "The DOS Prompt" or as MS-DOS Itself. The command prompt is a window program that emulates many of the command line abilities available in MC-DOS but it is not actually MS-DOS.


How to Access Command Prompt?

Introduction to command prompt : InfoBrother

We can Access command prompt or CMD using two ways:
1 » Click the window icon or press window key. search for cmd or command prompt and run it as Administration.
2 » Press Window key + R , A dialog box will open, type cmd in text area to open the command prompt. type cmd and press enter.


How to Use Command Prompt?

Introduction to command prompt : InfoBrother

To use Command Prompt, We must enter a Valid command along with any Optional Parameters. Enter the command and Press enter, then command prompt execute the command as entered and performs whatever task or function it's designed to perform in Windows.

A Large Number of commands exists in Command Prompt but their availability is different in the different operating system. We can get the list of All commands present in the operating system by typing the command help in command prompt.


Getting Help About a Specific command:

Introduction to command prompt : InfoBrother

To get the Complete information about the specific command, type Help Command_name or Command_name /? in command prompt and press enter.

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